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Why to use Android?

Check out some very important features.
  • Google Play
    In numbers the Google store currently has 44% of the total market share against 31% of Apple’s App Store. The total number of downloads of apps next year should reach 29 billion, against 9 billion last year due to greater penetration of smart phones in the world population.
  • Android
    With Android – as well as with Linux itself – it is an open world. With flexibility for users, who gain more autonomy, for developers, who have more freedom to create and sell applications, and for manufacturers, who can customize the experience for their customers.
  • Stay Connected
    All Android phones seamlessly integrate with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to keep control of all your friends from one place. See the updates directly from the screen of your home!
  • Internet
    With large, beautiful touch screens, multi-tasking, 3G connectivity it provides a great mobile Internet experience, allowing you to surf the web as you would do on a desktop PC, including all elements in Flash.