Why help an NGO?

Due to the social inequalities that exist throughout the world, millions of people constantly need help, we know that in addition to material aid is also important to be able to offer hugs, affection, a handshake, and a sincere smile, we recognize that this is important, but there are people in the world that need more than that, they need to satisfy their hunger and thirst, need medical treatment, need a home … Knowing that, we would like to share three reasons why we think you must help an NGO:
To fell good about yourself. Do not have a selfish attitude, but just the opposite. Doing well to others is the best way to help ourselves.
Becomes a vehicle for the hopes of millions. Working together for the common good will keep alive the flame of hope, even in a person. Who said that everything is lost?
Because there is always someone out there with a need. Your heart will be able to identify which of these NGOs you identify the most within ours, and from there you can do your part. Try it!

Buying any of our products, you can help any of these NGOs, in the purchase through our website, choose which one you want to help, we will donate 5% of your total purchase to the NGO that you choose.

The Invisible Children has worked for nine years to end the longest war in Africa existing fleet. Currently, U.S. military advisers are located in the Central African Republic on a mission “limited time” to stop Kony and the LRA disarm. If Kony is not captured this year, this mission will end.

Invisible Children Foundation, www.invisiblechildren.com

In 1999, the boy of seven years Ryan Hreljac mobilized and built the first water well in a village in Uganda. Now Ryan’s Well Foundation has grown into a family of people committed to the delivery of safe drinking water as a key way to improve the lives of people in the developing world. We empower citizens of all ages to take action and make changes in the world.

Ryan's Well Foundation, www.ryanswell.ca

When Santos narrated his tragic story about his son Gideon, I was horrified that such incidents still occur today and there are no sufficient efforts to stop children sacrifice. I was determined to try to help in any way that I could. So I decided to draw attention to the sacrifice of children and put an end to these atrocities. This inhuman act destroys families and communities throughout Uganda and other countries in the Great Lakes region, while the perpetrators of these crimes are free to live their lives as if nothing happened due to the fact that children sacrifice is not specifically punishable under constitution of Uganda. The more people who are involved in putting an end to this brutal practice, the faster we can say no more children sacrifice in Uganda.

Samara Madhvani - 16 years old - Creator of the Gideon's Foundation, www.gideonfoundation.com

My son of four years of age became a victim of children sacrifice on December 19, 2006. The authors of this brutal crime used all of the most cunning methods to attract children or innocent adults to death without raising the slightest suspicion in anyone’s mind. The murderer of my son admitted that he used to play with Gideon on several occasions to make it easier to attract Gideon for his trap, which would result in his initiation into the kingdom of the demons. It is tragic that a person can believe something like this. I hope that other parents do not experience the pain and suffering that my family and I go through every day.

Santos Labeja - Gideon's Father, www.gideonfoundation.com